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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dane Smith_Invest in Minnesota Campaign

Cannot open attachment would like to attend? altho the "powers to be" have stolen my car,propertys etc. to shut me up Minnetaka is out of the loop for me
Dane, glad your into other: from the ole timer below, did not rtealize Box was so Churchy, his writings did not reflect as such
County is refusing to place Ballot online perhaps you have clout, as Sharon intends to vote pdf,-e-commerce

It’s time to end the revenue shortfalls and

Dane_Smith.jpgDane Smith, President (email)

Dane Smith was named president of Growth & Justice in April 2007. He succeeds founder and executive Joel Kramer, who now serves as chair of the board.

Dane concluded a 30-year career as a reporter for the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, where he developed a solid reputation writing about state, local and federal government and politics for Minnesota’s two largest newspapers. Dane played a key leadership role at the Star Tribune as the senior politics & government team leader, planning and executing coverage and presentation of news and graphics.

Dane is co-author of the book, “Professor Wellstone Goes to Washington: The Inside Story of a Grassroots U.S. Senate Campaign.” He serves as an adjunct faculty member at Inver Hills Community College. In 1989-90, Dane was the recipient of the John S. Knight Fellowship for Professional Journalists, providing a mid-career sabbatical and a year of study at Stanford University. He also holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University

Invest in Minnesota

Who: The Invest in Minnesota Campaign*

Featured speakers:

Dane Smith, president, Growth & Justice

Brian Rusche, executive director, Joint Religious Legislative Coalition

Nan Madden, director, Minnesota Budget Project

What: A networking lunch to discuss why the state is facing a revenue shortfall and the importance of having adequate funding that is raised fairlyandinvested strategically.Where: Ridgedale Library, 12601 Ridgedale Dr., Minnetonka

When: Wednesday, Sept. 10, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Why: The state’s financial situation is one of an inadequate level of investment, both in terms of human capital and infrastructure, and this is a threat to our state’s economic future and our quality of life.

It’s important to talk about this issue now because Minnesota is projected to have another $2 billion budget deficit. We’ve seen that cuts in the past five years to areas such as education and health care have not made our state more prosperous, and it’s time to build the support needed to get back on track.

The event is free and open to the public. Please feel free to bring a lunch. Beverages and cookies will be provided.

To register, or for any questions about the event, contact Ellen at Registration is not necessary, we would just like an idea of how many people are coming for planning purposes.

*The leaders of the Invest in Minnesota Campaign are: Marcia Avner, public policy director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits; Brian Rusche, executive director, Joint Religious Legislative Coalition; Dane Smith, president, Growth & Justice; and Ray Waldron, president, AFL-CIO. They have combined efforts to form the Invest in Minnesota Campaign because they believe that Minnesota’s fiscal course in recent years is diminishing the quality of life in our state and that we need more revenue, we need to raise it fairly and we need to invest in Minnesota.

Click here: Sharon4Council file4[1]Shar_thune_22.pdf - Google Docs
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Monday, November 26, 2007

More trouble in sight
Twin Cities foreclosures have intensified and the trend is expected to last well into 2008
Pioneer Press

The Twin Cities are now well into the nation's housing bust, with foreclosures numbering far above last year's recent record. The meltdown has been devastating for investors, families and renters who lose their homes. And it isn't over yet. In fact, we may only be in Round 1, experts caution.

Here's where we currently stand: At least 10,521 homes across the Twin Cities have been auctioned off in sheriff's foreclosure sales and are on their way back to the bank as of the end of October, according to a Pioneer Press count of sheriff's records. Statewide, an estimated 20,000 Minnesotans may lose their homes this year alone.

The storm of foreclosures will continue raging in 2008 as an estimated 20,000 adjustable-rate mortgages in the Twin Cities reset for the first time, according to LoanPerformance, the San Francisco-based mortgage tracker.

Housing pros are watching the suburbs, concerned a second round of resets and payment shock will hit between 2008 and 2012, including "Alt A" adjustable-rate mortgages made to people whose credit was just south of great. Many Alt A loans were ARMS with optional payments and are due for major resets after five years.

"We're actively working to see when and where resets are going to be hitting," said Richard Todd, a vice president working on the issue at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

"It's pretty darn likely you'll find those Alt A resets more geographically spread," said Prentiss Cox, a consumer protection law

Two heat maps, with data supplied by, the Boca Raton, Fla.-based foreclosure data service, shed light on the progression of the area's foreclosure scourge. The maps show concentrations per half-square mile of homes that have gone through a sheriff's foreclosure auction and have actually been taken back by the lender (or become REO in industry jargon.) The first map shows homes repossessed in the 12

(Bloomberg News file photo)

In St. Paul, foreclosures are concentrated most heavily in Payne-Phalen, Thomas-Dale, North End and Dayton's Bluff. These are generally poorer, very racially diverse neighborhoods that are among those with disproportionate concentrations of high interest rate subprime mortgages, two University of Minnesota studies have shown.

The hot zones in Minneapolis remain the Jordan neighborhood in North Minneapolis and Central in South Minneapolis.

In the Jordan area of North Minneapolis, banks are repossessing homes at a rate of about 200 per half-square mile — the highest rate in the Twin Cities and significantly higher than the year-ago rate of about 130. In part of St. Paul's Payne-Phalen area, homes are going back to the bank at a rate of about 130 homes per half-square mile, up from about 50 a year ago.

About half the foreclosures in Hennepin County are investor-owned, according to Carolyn Olson, president of the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corp. That number rises as high as 70 percent in pockets of North Minneapolis, she said.

"A lot of people looked at late-night TV, thought they could be an investor and bought," said Olson.

Certainly, the density of older housing stock in the Twin Cities' older core neighborhoods helps drive up foreclosure rates. However, foreclosure rates per household are significantly higher in those neighborhoods too.

To Autumn Lubin, a national foreclosure specialist and head of Yellow Wood Consulting in Farmington, the maps mirror what's happening across the country.

"We have one of the best foreclosure intervention systems in the country here in Minnesota, and even with established resources we have been unable to stem the tide," Lubin said. "What these maps illustrate loudly is that the while the poor and minority neighborhoods are at the eye of the foreclosure hurricane, no community is spared, regardless of its home values, income levels or racial composition. Foreclosure is not just a "poor" problem. It is an American problem."

The maps illustrate how the intensity has spread beyond the core hot zones to more low-to-moderate income areas such as Brooklyn Park, St. Paul's West Side and the Cottage Grove area. Those areas could start seeing broader neighborhood problems, such as decreasing property values, that have affected the hot zones, said the Federal Reserve's Todd.

The situation isn't any better outside the metro area, says Warren Hanson, head of the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund. Greater Minnesota is being hit by "an invisible epidemic" of foreclosures, he says. They're more scattered than in the metro area and so less devastating to entire communities, but they are still a big problem.

The tab for the scourge mounts. Wall Street's subprime wipeout aside, fallout in the next few years could cost Minnesota $1.64 billion, according to a recent report by the Joint Economic Committee of Congress. The report projects that about 18 percent of subprime mortgages in the country will slide into foreclosure between now and the end of 2009. In Minnesota, that's nearly 28,000 more homes that will go under. The tab includes the spillover effect of foreclosures depressing nearby home values, as well as counties and cities losing property tax revenue. Studies suggest each single-family house that is foreclosed on lowers property values within one-eighth of a mile by at least 0.9 percent.

State economist Tom Stinson insists Minnesota's economy can handle the $1.64 billion hit, though it certainly won't be painless. Foreclosures are tragedies for individual families, he said, but the overall decline in housing values accompanying the housing recession will likely have a bigger economic impact. That's little solace for families, including renters, being uprooted and homeowners watching their credit histories tank.

Foreclosures are contributing to a bad feedback cycle. They push more houses onto a flooded market, contributing to downward pressure on property values that in turn helps drive more foreclosures.

"I dumped 100 pieces of property in the market last month," said Barbara May, a Roseville bankruptcy attorney and a director of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. "I think I'm bankrupting all of Maplewood right now."

May was clearly joking; however, the maps do indicate foreclosures have intensified in Maplewood.

By now, the foreclosure scourge is firmly on everyone's radar. The Foreclosure Prevention Funders Council, a group of Twin Cities housing professionals formed last winter, is trying to address the situation. The state Department of Commerce has stepped up investigations of real estate and mortgage fraud. Gov. Tim Pawlenty recently announced an additional $1 million to beef up foreclosure prevention counseling across the state.

Nationally, banking regulators and the Bush administration have called on mortgage lenders and servicers to work with distressed borrowers — a few even calling on them to freeze interest rates on adjustable rate mortgages to prevent dangerously higher rates from kicking in. Lawmakers are working on bills to offer some relief to homeowners. The U.S. House recently passed an anti-predatory mortgage-lending bill very similar to the tough new Minnesota law the industry is grappling with.

"This is an issue we need to be making high on the priority list," said the Federal Reserve's Todd. "This is a very important problem for the area."

Jennifer Bjorhus can be reached at or 651-228-2146.


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Monday, February 19, 2007


SharonScarrella aka Anderson

LEGAL NOTICE OF DEFAULTS: sued Midwest Fed S&L RegZ. 1976,Mortgage Paid, Banker Greenwood Jr. manulipated Property tax's on nonhomestead even tho Sharon and her 2nd Husband Legal Domicile Homestead Residence
1058SummitTax equity skimming,money laundering,bank fraud,fraudulent conveyances: with Lesbian Judge Kathleen Gearin42 USC 3631 embellezment over $110,000.00 file no's 495722(1988) contrary to
Statutes EnforcedUS CODE: Title 18,1595. Civil remedy
Death,Disabilityy,DignityLoss, Dispa
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(a) An individual who is a victim of a violation of section 1589, 1590, or 1591 of this chapter may bring a civil action against the perpetrator in an appropriate district court of the United States and may recover damages and reasonable attorneys fees.
(1) Any civil action filed under this section shall be stayed during the pendency of any criminal action arising out of the same occurrence in which the claimant is the victim.
(2) In this subsection, a “criminal action” includes investigation and prosecution and is pending until final adjudication in the trial court.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Criminal Complaints v.Mayor & St. Paul City Council

Subject:St. Paul City Council Criminal Complaints MS609 Title 18s4 Misprision of Treason
Date:2/15/2007 6:16:43 P.M. Central Standard Time
From:Sharon4Anderson,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, EEskola,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
CC:Sharon4Anderson, Bill4Dahn,,,,,, Shewolfeagle,,,,

Sharon Anderson aka aka
Thurs. Feb.15th, 2007
42 USC 3631

HUD v. City St. Paul/2001-0791.resp.pdf
TITLE 31 Money_Finance


Sharon Anderson owner in fee simple absolute 1058SummitDuplex
and Bill Dahn victims of equity skimming HS 256 Morton Dahn HS
both propertys Illegally encumbered with Wells Fargo Home Mtg One Home
Campus Mac Des Moines IA50328 Wells Fargo Des moines Iowa - Google Search


COVERT COVERUP OF THEFT BY SWINDLE OF CITY AND OR COUNTY EMPLOYEES. City Council President Kathy Lantry aka Mrs. Joe Fleischhacker
Address's unk: No tel listings by information and belief lived on SandraLee in Battle Creek Area.............. Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Search Results Click he
From left to right: Helgen, Lantry, Bostrom, Harris, Benanav, Montgomery, Thune

Ward 1 - Debbie MontgomeryWard 2 - Dave ThuneWard 3 - Pat Harris
Ward 4 - Jay BenanavWard 5 - Lee HelgenWard 6 - Dan BostromWard 7 - President, Kathy Lantry

About the City Council


Lee Helgen.....1026 Como Place
Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Quick Info
Property Identification Number (PIN)
Property Address1026 Como Pl
St. Paul 55103-1319
Escrow AgentCountrywide
400 Countrywide Way
Simi Valley CA 93065

It appears that Helgen has sold this property update records

Dave Thune.....26 Irvine Home... Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Quick Info

Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Owner Information

same escrow agent
.943-945 W 7th St. Rent al & business...
Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Search Results I'll check later for cross ref.

..327 Colburne rental house get right spelling

Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Search Results

Pat Harris.....1438 St. Clair looks like Harris had sold also 2007 NonHmstd
Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Quick Info

Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Owner Information

Remember Chris wife sells realestate for Edina posted on E. Dem. Colemans Mortgage is the same Wells Fargo as listed on Sheriff Sales????/
Huge Whistleblower
Chris Coleman.......686 Chippewa
Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Quick Info
Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Owner Information

Dan Bostrom......1646 E Shore dr.Pensioned Cop
Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Quick Info No Mortgage

Deb Montgomery 1016 Central Pensioned Cop
Tax & Property Characteristic Information No Mortgage
Jay Benanav......1898 Ashland
1898 Ashland Benenav Countrywide Mortgage Note Wife's name is Lucy N Kasson

Joel Esslings mother.....Southwest corner of Lincoln & Albert St. (address # on Lincoln)

Joel Essling........913 Nevada

St Paul MN 55117-3333

City Attorney Maureen Dolan......1447 Stanford City Attorneys complicity with property and tax records.
Tax & Property Characteristic Information - Search Criteria

John Choi 1377 James_Tax & Property Charac
Correct Address for Joel Essling 913 W. Nevada
RICO LIEP+FileEssling.jpg (image)
Dept Safety Inspections re: LIEP
joel.essling st. paul - Google SearchRICO LIEP+FileEssling.jpg (image)
Dept Safety Inspections re: LIEP
joel.essling st. paul - Google Search
CliTax & Property Characteristic Information - Owner Information ck here: http
Tax & Property Characteristic Information

New Property Search

Back to Search Results

Quick Info

Property Information

Taxpayer Name and Address

Value Information

Value History

Structure Description

Sale Information

Special Assessments

Property Tax Payment Information

Property Tax Payment History

Property Tax Statement/Value Notice

2005 Property Tax Statement/Value Notice

2004 Property Tax Statement/Value Notice

Payment Stubs

Truth in Taxation Statement

Minnesota State Form M1PR


Taxpayer Name and Address

Property Identification Number (PIN)
Property Address913 Nevada Ave W
St. Paul 55117-3333
Escrow AgentWashington Mutual-landamerica
Washington Mutual Bank
2210 Enterprise Dr
Florence SC 29501 Last Refreshed 02-17-2007
Copyright 2003
Ramsey County

CliTax & Property Characteristic Information - Owner Information ck here: http :// Information - Quick Info CityAttorney St. Paul
No Mortgage how can these city attorneys pay cash for Homesteads? or property SOLD

pin=102823240067&it=1&year=2004&seq=1 1910 Dayton Schillers$527,500



To save time do you have address's of City Council members and assistant city attorney John Hendrickson(sp) I will research who the mortgage holder is if any, taxs etc.

Realestate Doc_34 and do you have the HUD winning14JessamineTaxStatement case keep checking

HUD v. City St. Paul/2001-0791.resp.pdf
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